Welcome to the website for the Blue Ribbon Comenius Project at Zalima!

Here we will be recording our progress, experiences and keeping you up to date with what we are doing in (and out) of our classes. 

What is a Comenius Project?

The Comenius programme is an educational project set up by the European Union (EU). It is part of the EU's Lifelong Learning Programme, whose goals are to help young people and educational staff gain insight into the wide and vibrant range of European cultures, languages and values. It aids young people to gain the basic life skills which are necessary for personal development, future employment and active citizenship. 


You can learn more about the programme, its priorities and goals here.


What is Blue Ribbon?

Blue Ribbon is the title given to the project which will run from 2012-2014. The title is a reference to the presence and importance of water in each of the participating cities and countries. In our classes we will be focussing on the Guadalquivir river and its role in Córdoba. We will be learning about its importance throughout history; how it has influenced and inspired culture and art; as well as learning about its significance to the environment and our lives. The project will be done primarily in English. 



Who else is participating in the Blue Ribbon project?

There are six other participating countries apart from Spain. These are: France, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal and Turkey.  

Spanish Study Case

Spanish Study Case
FINAL Spanish Study case.pdf
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